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jsonpp by jmhodges

A fast command line JSON pretty printer.

jsonpp is a simple-to-install and fast-to-run command line JSON pretty printer. You'll love it.

With classic hits like:

curl -s -L | jsonpp

And new favorites such as:

jsonpp testdata/multiple/multiple.json

and formatting an already pretty-printed JSON input is just a -s away:

jsonpp -s testdata/one/singular.json

Three Easy Ways to Get Going

Copy from a Zip

Grabbing the binary is the easiest way to install jsonpp. It's a simple file.

To begin, download the zip file that matches your machine:

Then, decompress that zip file and copy the jsonpp file inside to somewhere in your $PATH.

or Straight through Brew

If you're on OS X, and have homebrew installed, you can simply run:

brew install jsonpp

or Compile from the Source

The source install requires a working install of Go. Once Go is installed, run:

go get

Watch it Go

To see jsonpp in action, pipe some example JSON into it:

curl -s -L | jsonpp


Nada. Unless you build from source, and then it depends on go.




Jeff Hodges


As mentioned above, you can easily download the binary, but if you want the code, you can check out the repo on GitHub.

Be advised. Ted Nyman is a radical dude.